I want my Kid on TV and Print!

First of all, ask your child if he/she wants to be one. 

Let’s face it, we’re all frustrated models in our younger days so we want to achieve the same dream for our little ones. Let’s not get too pushy or worse, get angry if he refuse to cooperate, can’t get her act together on cam or doesn’t get chosen. I f all’s well, get an Agent. Continue reading


I want my kid to become a model. Can you help me?

mffHello Stage Parents and model aspirants! Before you place an inquiry or comment,  Please note that I am not a talent scout, I don’t have any connection with any advertising company, any agency or inside connection with anyone in this industry. I hope this blog can help you get your kid into commercial modeling YOURSELF not through me Continue reading

May bayad ba mag apply as Model? I was told by a Talent Scout to enroll my child on their workshop.

May bayad ba mag apply as model?

There are Agencies who charge the cost of making the set cards (photo portfolio) to their talents. Some agencies ask for the talent’s own set card. Most agencies, including the most popular, established and respected, do not ask for any fee whatsoever.  Continue reading


How can I get in touch with Agencies? Why do I need an agent?

How can I get in touch with Agencies?

The agent acts as the “middle man” between the model and casting opportunities. Click the link below to see the partial listing of modeling agencies in Metro Manila. Please check this website for updates. Last updated: March 4, 2014 Continue reading


What do you do on VTRs? Can babies be models too?

What do you do on VTRs?

For applicants, you come in on a scheduled day (although most agencies accepts walk-in anytime). You will fill up an info sheet, they will take a video of you standing and talking about yourself a bit (name, age, hobbies), they’ll take your picture whole body, 1/2 body and close-up. Continue reading


Exclusive or Freelance Model?

Exclusive or freelance model?

Gain Taping 1

Some agencies will let you sign a contract of exclusivity meaning, you are not allowed to be represented by other agencies. They will be your only agent til the expiration of your contract, Continue reading


Rejections, “Palakasan” and Easier Opportunities.

We auditioned so many times, they don’t pick my kid

Same here. Eto yung nakakainis na part. Because if you don’t get a call for final casting in a week or two, it means your kid didn’t get the part. Try again next time. It’s not your agent’s fault. Continue reading