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Welcome to Mommy Jazz’s stage parenting site. Stage Mother Corner is a popular topic at started by the same author.


screen cap from Mommy Jazz’s old multiply site

Jazer Basan, known as Mommy Jazz at Smart Parenting’s online forum Parent Chat is a Moderator and a writer for the same website. Her years of experience in getting her daughter in TV commercial castings and print go-sees lead her to writing an entire how-to blog to help other aspiring parents. The purpose of this site is to hone a generation of responsible and professional stage parents who should place their child’s well-being, schooling and privacy above fame and fortune. It also explains the reality that taking a chance in getting famous can bring out the best and worst in us as proud parents and in our children’s ego.



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The author of this blog is not a talent agent. This page is not run by any talent agency. Basahin po ang blog para sa kumpletong kaalaman kung pano isali ang anak ninyo. Author will hold comments for review and will reply via email.

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