Unpaid Project

Chasing That Check!

What to do if you didn’t get paid. Reposting my Sept 2010 experience.

It’s been more than a year since my daughter did a project under this agency and still she hasn’t been paid the 3rd of her 3 checks. The office staff gave the same excuse “Bago lang po ako dito”, “Out of the country po si Boss” and “I forwarded your concern already.” Yeah and still no reply. The Agency changed Management, relocated, changed phone number and the only way I can keep in touch with them is through their old and still working cellphone number. When that get’s cut off I’ll be in Limbo. Worse, she wouldn’t give me their office’s new address and landline.

Tip to all: Don’t dilly-dally when claiming your check. I took it slow and easy fearing that people might think I’m in this for money. Agencies close, employees resign (who knows where your paper is now?), some fly-by-night. “Kahit mag mukha kang pera, pag oras nang bayaran, maningil ka bago lumipad ang pera mo.”

I make it a habit to get a copy of the contract or agreement form of all my daughter’s projects. This serves as my reference and proof. It clearly reflects the check amount, the date and names of client, advertising agency and representative of the modeling agency. These are all good materials to present when faced with undesirable incidents.

A person from the agency just texted me and they are currently working on my case. It has something to do with their internal dis-organization. Maayos naman akong kausap eh, I just don’t want to feel I’m being ripped-off by being denied the company tel no and address. I said I want to discuss matters professionally if they let me. In the end, I was given the address na. I’m still crossing my fingers that I’m not seeing a false light here.

I always advise all parents of kid talents, keep a copy of the contract and talent agreement form. This is what I used in tracing my check. I sent email and called asignatories on my copy of the agreement form. The client (Marketing people) understood my case and gave me a copy of their agreement form for the project which my agent didn’t pay me, and a scanned copy of their proof that the project has already been paid. It’s a transmittal form of the check bearing the name of the agency, the date, amount and transmittal number. All these served as my proof. You don’t go on a battle not equipped right?

In my desperation I even called DOLE. It was good that I kept the number of the DOLE person who explained to me the child labor laws when I got a working permit for my daughter. I was told that I can write a formal complaint to their office but I have to give the name of the agency owner, the address and contact number so they can be summoned. THIS COULD BE THE REASON WHY THE AGENCY SECRETARY WON’T GIVE ME THESE INFOS.

I PMd the agency owner thru FB for the 4th time. This time, I said it straight that I have been emailing her and her people since April. Madali naman akong kausap. If only I’d be told of the reason of the delay, I would understand. Not getting a reply and given the rounds will make me believe that I’m being ripped-off by your agency. I want to discuss this matter professionally but your secretary is denying me your address and tel no.
I finally got a reply through text the same day (Thank God). Where did I get the infos daw since the client hasn’t paid them. I said I got it from the client themselves. In the end, with the dates and infos I gave, he will look into their files and promised to pay me by next week. They want to deposit it to my account instead but I don’t want to give room for lies this time. I said I will personally claim it.

I’m no ordinary Stage Mother. Professional ako in attitude, in dealing with the agent, the client, in workshops, in taking rejections, in helping and getting along with other stage mothers and in keeping my papers organized. Hindi ako baguhan to believe na hindi pa sila bayad o para maghintay sa wala. I know my rights!

Oct 4, ’10 Finally I got paid. I personally claimed the check at an agreed location. I’m still wondering why it wasn’t done at their new office which made me skeptical if the person I’m gonna meet is indeed a staff of their agency. It was explained to me that all their employees are new and there has been an ongoing reorganization. It was hard to get through their staff who always reply “Wala dito si Ma’am, out of the country”, “Your concern has been brought to her attention”.
The point is, I got paid. The agency owner was apologetic, I take that as a sign of professionalism. If only I was shown that from the beginning.



The author of this blog is not a talent agent. This page is not run by any talent agency. Basahin po ang blog para sa kumpletong kaalaman kung pano isali ang anak ninyo. Author will hold comments for review and will reply via email.

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