How to get your Kid into Commercial Modeling

Wonder baby and Super Mom 1

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89 thoughts on “How to get your Kid into Commercial Modeling

  1. Hello po,gusto ko po sanang ipasok yung anak ko for modeling.hes 10yrs.old.he is half japanese and half Filipino.pwede po kaya? konti LNG po alam ni yang Tagalog.

    • Just enlist yourself with any agency. Indicate on his profile his ethnicity. Who knows, one of these days kailanganin ang child talent na japanese-looking. Hindi naman lahat ng batang commercial talent ay para sa lead role. Sometimes kahit extra, support o background lang, roles that don’t need a dialogue hindi kelangan magsalita o magtagalog.

  2. Mommy jazz, tenk u tlaga coz ds blog help me a lot.. d2 ko nkakita ng agency ng anak ko ng send lng ako ng pix tpos ng rply sila at pnpunta kmi sa office tpos un ng start n lhat at sana nga mommy jazz swertihin rin ung anak ko.. youre my inspiration hnd rin ako susuko katulad m.

  3. Gud day mommy jazz.. pls give me advise na frufrustrate nako nkaka apat na casting call n ung son ko pero hindi p rin sya nakukuha..

    • It took me 1 year, that’s 2x/month VTRs before we got a break. Either tyagaan or pure luck talaga. I pointed this out on the part of my blog “We auditioned so many times, they don’t pick my kid” and “Is there an easier way for my kid to get exposure?”

  4. Hi Ms. Jazz ! You’re blog is a good way for the first timer parent like us.
    By the way, which one of those agency that you had posted that accepted or covering a 2yr old baby in a magazine dress post? And can you tell me which agency you had posted is for the milk product? Pretty please? thanks. 🙂

    • Our agent is nice but I’d rather not recommend them for reasons stated on the part of my blog “How can I get in touch with Agencies”. Agents present their talents’ setcard to a client. It is the client who choose the talent, not the other way around. So you can’t say, “I want my child to model for this brand, pano kaya?”. Before getting an agent, ask them of the brands their talents successfully endorsed. Usually you can find that on their FB photos or displayed on the walls of their office. Your agent will inform you of castings of all projects your child would fit into.

  5. Very informative blog mommyjazz. I have a daughter who really wants to be a model. She is half Norwegian. The problem is that we live in Norway and are only there during vacations. Is it possible to just have a deal with the agencies there, and tell them we can take projects when we are there or does it sound crazy?

    • Yes it’s possible. Even Brazilians (non-kiddie models) do this. Connect online with a local agency here in the Phils. When they take in your daughter as their talent, notify them of the dates you’ll be in town.

  6. Hi po.. Gusto ko po sanang ipasok anak ko sa modeling. Mhilig po stang mag post as picture panu po ba sumali!? Tnx god bless

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