What do you do on VTRs? Can babies be models too?

What do you do on VTRs?

For applicants, you come in on a scheduled day (although most agencies accepts walk-in anytime). You will fill up an info sheet, they will take a video of you standing and talking about yourself a bit (name, age, hobbies), they’ll take your picture whole body, 1/2 body and close-up.

This they will keep for their file and make a ‘set card’ which they will present to other agencies or clients. If an ad agency or caster is in need of a character with your looks, the modeling agency will call you up for a casting along with other qualified models. A schedule and place will be given for this “audition” and there, they will again take a video of you, sometimes, with a script. You will find yourself in competition with other models to get that part. Mas matagal ang casting call kasi parang audition yon eh. dami niyong nakapila, all from different modeling agencies.

Can babies be models too?


Babies can model too. You can tell by the number of baby products advertised on TV and print. Baby talents however, are not as highly in demand as child talents so don’t feel bad if your baby doesn’t get casted. It could only mean there aren’t many projects needing them. Portfolios need to be updated with your agent every 6 months because they grow and change looks fast.

On product VTRs, they’ll video them with training cup, in diapers, in specific clothes, whatever the script requires. In most cases for kids, there will be a dialogue like “Wow Mommy, ang sarap!, or “Mommy, wala bang fried chicken?” .For babies, usually they just make them sit and see how they react with bubbles or with each other. The producttby the way, is not revealed during the VTR phase.

The caster needs a few days to review the videos of the audition to select their models and they call only the chosen talents. It will not be professional if you keep calling your agent, more so if you get directly in touch with the caster to ask if your child got picked. This is the frustrating part, the anticipation. I call this the “Don’t call us, we’ll call you” part. So when you get a call, good for you. If not, there’s always next time.

Who else can be a model?

Any age and looks can be a model. You see print and tv ads w/ lola, maid, construction worker, fat people, kids, etc. Minsan nga, like Mommy Jesica said, sabay ang casting call ng kids and Moms kaya pati ang Mommy na chaperone lang navi-VTR din. Yung email nga sa akin ni Mommy Jesica, nauna pa siyang nagka break sa anak niya hihihi. Jesica by the way is Ella’s Mom. Ella’s a GMA talent who played the young Nadine Samonte on Super Twins and the young Angel Locsin on Majica. She’ll also play the young Marimar. I’d recommend Moms to be presentable when taking their kids to VTRs because sometimes, there’s a need for Mommy talents as well. You could just be “it”.

The VTR place is too crowded and uncomfortable. Our turn will take forever!


Mahirap ang casting call for kids. Kasi mainipin sila. It would be best if you come earlier than the call time para kayo ang una sa list. What I do if we’ll be late, pag malapit na kami sa VTR place, I call my agent to sign us in para by the time we’re there, malapit na kaming tawagin. Some agent representatives are present on VTRs to assist their talents. I also bring toys to keep my kid busy while waiting for our turn. And please, kung pwede, kayong 2 lang ng anak mo ang pumunta sa casting call. I’ve seen so many times na 1 lang yung kid model at kasama ang buong pamilya, complete with ate,kuya, yaya at Lola! Please lang, ang hirap nang makisiksik sa ofc ng agency pag maraming bata (parang day care) mas madami pa ang matatanda, eh maliit lang ang VTR room. Ask Mommies Jesica & Jhen, we have been to the same audition for a diaper commercial at San Antonio Village, Makati, wala ka nang magalawan sa loob ng ofc at hindi na kaya ng aircon ang dami ng tao. I know it gets the whole family excited when you get that call from your agent for a product VTR. Pero please naman, wala pang contratang pag-aartistang naghihintay sa inyo, audition pa lang po ito. OK? Kami ni Hubby, we don’t tell our folks when our daughter has VTR. Kasi baka hindi siya ang mapili, madisappoint lang ang buong pamilya.

These days, it’s a common scene that there’s a thick crowd of child talents and their parents lining up for a VTR and the agency office can not control the crowd anymore. At times, there is no ventilation and airflow, the line is long with no place to sit, the kids get hungry, the crowd gets rowdy and it gets worse by the minute. Let us not overlook the safety, health and well being of our children in exchange for a slim chance to be on TV. Should this happen to you, consider these 2 options:

1) Leave the place muna. Have snack, watch a movie and come back on the last hour of the scheduled VTR. So far hindi pa naman po ako nakarining nang case na pinagsarahan na sila ng casting office. Not until they VTRd the last child in line.
2) Go home and text your agent that you backed out so she can get in touch with you if there is any extension.

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