I want my Kid on TV and Print!

First of all, ask your child if he/she wants to be one. 

Let’s face it, we’re all frustrated models in our younger days so we want to achieve the same dream for our little ones. Let’s not get too pushy or worse, get angry if he refuse to cooperate, can’t get her act together on cam or doesn’t get chosen. I f all’s well, get an Agent.

Your agent will be the person to open opportunities for you and your child. He will update you of casting and go-sees as requested to them by their clients and advertising agencies. 

A concise article I wrote on stage parenting can be viewed at this schoolkid.ph link. It states 5 questions you need to ask yourself before getting your kid into modeling.

It is very important that your child has a good set of teeth 

or at least the front teeth. If there’s a need for improvement here, better build a good relationship between the child and his/her pedia dentist. Otherwise, wait for the permanent teeth to grow. Remember, on product VTRs (or commonly known as “audition for TV commercial”) your child will be like competing with other kids for the role. Those with better teeth have better chance. This is why modeling/talent agencies only take talents with good set of teeth. I remember once, a son of a well known celebrity did a VTR for a fastfood but didn’t make it inspite of his popular surname. The casting crew got dismayed when he smiled for the camera.

Hindi mukhang “artistahin” ang anak ko. May pag asa ba? 

Not all talent has to be foreign-looking. Infact, today’s trend is the “local, street-smart” looking kids who can speak tagalog. Also, “extras” are more in demand than the lead role.

I want my kid to be a baby product or a fashion brand endorser. How?

If you are a famous celebrity, then you can have a choice of what product you want your kid to endorse. For ordinary people like us, we do not have that privilege. Your agent will get you into as many VTRs and bookings as they can, this can be for any product brand or event. You may opt not to attend a product casting you do not want your child to get involved in.

How much is a kid model paid?

These days, talent fee for lead role for a popular product TVC produced by a top advertising agency can go for P150,000.00 covering TV, print and promotional displays. Note that agent gets 30% commission. Extra with dialogue go for P30,000 and fillers/background for 5K to10K. Talent fee (TF) as solo/lead for print alone is P15K. Pay varies depending on the brand’s popularity, client’s budget, the exposure and role. Since the pay is attractive, many hopefuls try their chance of winning that gold unaware that for each role, a hundred other hopefuls compete. This also attract scammers so please be careful.

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5 thoughts on “I want my Kid on TV and Print!

  1. Attention anamharie capiral(mharie), sarah, catherine, raven victot
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I tried replying via email but delivery failed. Please indicate a legit and active email account when you post a question.
    I am not a talent scout to handle or manage any person to become a model as explained at the link below, where you will also find all answers to your questions for every topic.

  2. Good day Mommy Juzz, nakita ko lang po itong blog mo kaya nag try na din kasi dati ng kinikuha ang anak as a commercial model nag bakasyon po kami sa bicol kaya hindi na naka attend ang anak ko sa mga workshop nya…tapos po ngayon nag decide na uli ang husband ko na ipag patuloy ang pag wworkshop ng anak namin kaso po nawalan naku ng contact sa agency…kaya po ngayon nag hahanap uli kami ng agency…may son is 5yrs old boy. thank you and more power…ü

  3. I .my son wants to be a commercial model…but I don’t know how…mahirap lng kmi….pano ko sya ieenroll sa workshop…..pero iniiyakan nya ko.. gusto nya tlga….I’m a single parent….

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