Rejections, “Palakasan” and Easier Opportunities.

We auditioned so many times, they don’t pick my kid

Same here. Eto yung nakakainis na part. Because if you don’t get a call for final casting in a week or two, it means your kid didn’t get the part. Try again next time. It’s not your agent’s fault.

The most they can do is to inform you of as many opportunities/casting calls there are. In VTRs, I see children more articulate, more bibo, more goodlooking and some are even kids of known celebrities. Nakakapanliit specially if you are just starting. But also in many VTR experience when I get a call for final casting for my daughter, hindi namin kasama sa final yung mga batang kinaiinggitan ko. It only means that everyone’s chance is the same as yours. About “Palakasan and other ways of gettng exposure…

It is the Caster, Director and Ad Agency’s client who picks the model. They have the “eye” for the talent they are looking for. They also know the role and characters of the cast they need, which is not known even to the talent agency kasi confidential yun. The Caster can only tell Modeling Agencies to send kids of a certain age with certain looks. Pero yung script and role, sila lang po nakakaalam nun.

No matter how good looking and talented your child is, when it comes to VTRs, specially at a final casting, they should fit the script, character, looks (pairing with Mom and Dad and brod and sis models, kung meron) and the product that only the Caster and the Director can judge. This is beyond my child’s talent kaya at this point, I pray that they pick my daughter. If they don’t, I just tell her that she did well and they are looking for a girl with different looks.

“Palakasan” is an over-used word. I tried it many times, it didn’t work for me. I also got over agents who assures me na malakas at kilala nila yung Director, etc, but then, who doesn’t? In this industry, everyone knows everybody and it’s vital that that they have good working relations. It’s hard to say who’s preferred and who doesn’t get a chance. A lot of Stagemoms in modeling and local stagemom forums can share their stories of how their kid got a break the 1st time they tried VTRs. They don’t even have any idea how the business works when they started but it was their call. Who’s to say may palakasan nga? Let us all be professional stage parents and handle rejection in a cool, understanding manner.

It’s tiring and most of the time, frustrating to go to auditions. Being a stage parent is not a walk in the park. For those who are working, they have to go on leave or half-day if there’s a scheduled VTR for their child. That’s a day’s pay sacrificed in exchange for a chance for your child to be a model. Sometimes you get a text for VTR 2x,3x/week. It’s tough if you live far from Makati, but for those excited and proud parents, no mountain is too high. Remember, it all starts at 1 small step and all models start this way.

Is there an easier way for my kid to get exposure?

If you have direct contacts with Ad Agencies, Marketing Executive of a product firm, Halleluiah! Please introduce the rest of us. Not only will you get priority in getting the part, you get to take home 100% of the talent fee (no agent cut). You can also join baby photo contests. Ang gusto lang naman talaga nating parents is makita sa isang nationwide circular ang picture ng babies natin di ba? Search websites and magazines on any ongoing contests. Mommy/Parenting magazines hold a monthly feature of selected entries, grab a copy to get the mechanics or login to their website.

Some local magazines are in constant search for kid models to depict their articles and source persons to feature (like mommies) who can share their story about a topic concerning their children. Some give a little pay once the issue is out while some give tokens as gratuity like gift pack or GC. Contact information of editors of magazines are listed and searchable on the net. They reply by email to successful candidates. 

-5 questions you should ask yourself before placing your kid on the spotlight.

-How can I get in touch with Agencies? Why do I need an agent?

-May bayad ba mag apply as Model? I was told by a Talent Scout to enroll my child on their workshop.

-What do you do on VTRs? Can babies be models too?

-Exclusive or Freelance Model?

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