How can I get in touch with Agencies? Why do I need an agent?

How can I get in touch with Agencies?

The agent acts as the “middle man” between the model and casting opportunities. Click the link below to see the partial listing of modeling agencies in Metro Manila. Please check this website for updates. Last updated: March 4, 2014

 I personally do not like to recommend any agency. I’m happy with my agent but some people I know aren’t. There are also some agencies I wouldn’t recommend but I’ve met talents of that agency who are OK with them. If there’s a perfect agency out there, please let me know. Before you take your child to their office,  call them first to know schedule of VTRs for kids. Some agencies have certain scheduled days for kid applicants, usually Saturdays.

Call any agency and say you want your child to be their talent or you want to get your child into modeling and ask them their schedule and requirements. No need to feel shy or beat around the bushes. Talent agency people get these kind of calls everyday.

Below are names of agencies in Metro Manila. Scroll further down for their contact information and email saved as an image file.  I am not connected with any of these agencies and I do not guarantee their legitimacy, info accuracy or friendliness. For agency feedback or inclusion, leave me a comment.

A Models And Management
Admate Management Team Co.
Ahensiya Modelo
Apex Talent Management
Artiste Retinue – Manila Inc. (ARM) Casting Specialists
Axele Talent Casting Agency
Baying Promotions
Beau Visage
CalCarrie’s International Models Philippines
Chase Productions International
Clique Model & Artist Management
Cosmopolitan Promotion and Casting Agency

Discovery Modelling Agency
Élan Models International
Eyecandy Model Management
Faces Model Agency
Flair Talent Bureau
Flair Manila Talent Management
Framefillers Talent Agnecy and Promotions Inc.
Glamoure Talent Agency Inc.
Global Media Modeling and Talent Agency
Icon International Modeling Agency Incorporated

Ideal People Model Management
Imaj Model
iModels Casting Agency
Independent Talent Entertainment Management (ITEM) Corporation
Innovision Entertainment Production
Kaleidos Modeling Agency
Jaja Robles Model Management
Jams Artist Production
Ledesma Promotions
Merge Talent and Casting Agency
Metamorphosis Modeling Clinic
MIC Media Entertainment Agency
Modelli Talent Agency
Modelo Pilipinas Casting and Training Center
Model Shop Casting Studio
Modify Modeling Agency And Talent Management
Monaco Models And Casting Agency
New Discovery CastingModeling Agency

Pas Paragon Talent Management
Phoenix Talent Management
Profiles in Motion Talent Promotion
Rainbow Casting and Promotion Agency
Red Talent Studio
Reco Modeling Agency
Saikou Talent Agency
Snapshots Talent & Modelling Agency
Southside Modeling Division of Chase Productions International
Star Horizon Talent Management & Productions
Titan Artist Management Division
Upstyle Agency Inc.
Victo Rio Modeling Agency
Violet Percil Group of Talemts, Models and Artists (VP Group TMA)
W Talent Management / Wonderkids
Win Llano Talent Agency

Agencies at Visayas Region. Please note that I am not connected nor have verified any of these agencies. I was also told that not many of them accept child talents. 

Aura Modeling Firm
Avalanche Elegant Modeling Production And Services 
B & B Modeling Management
Blackout Modeling Agency 
Cebu_sc Modeling Management
Cebu Signature Models 
Cord Models And Talents (cebu)
D’ Clab Events And Modeling Agency
Dark World Modeling Agency
JHK Modeling Agency
Limelight Model Management – Cebu
Limerick Production And Model Management 
Sparkle Modeling Agency Cebu
The Ajency Promo And Events Modeling Agency

Click image below to view contact details
updated1_sept2015  updated2_sept2015   modelingagencyvisayasinversidedwatermarked

Most of the agencies mentioned are in Makati. If there’s an agency close to your area, they will still send you to Makati for product VTRs since most Casters, Production and Advertising agencies are in Makati. If you want to send your child’s picture by email, call the agency first should they have any requirement you need to comply with. If the agency on this list doesn’t have an email, call and ask. I heard that the Talent Agents Organization requires all agencies to have email addresses. I just don’t have a complete list of that yet.

 What do I need to know before I pick an agency?
1.) Legitimacy – Check if they are registered with Department of Trade. You can check the Business Name Search on the DTI website or check if they have the Business License plate in their office.

2.) Friendly tone of voice over the phone and if they are nice enough to answer your inquiry.

3.) Search online and ask people for feedback.

4.) View their website and facebook page to see how professional the agency is. If it is full of candid photos of bikini clad women, all-half naked men, distasteful poses, you would not like your kid to be associated with such agencies, right?

5.) Check if they have known/popular talents they managed and clients they did projects for.

How does this business work if they don’t charge their talents? 

Modeling agencies are sent a request by a caster or advertising agency on the kind of models they need for a project. The Modeling agencies will then send all their models who fit the description on the request. Now, who ever gets the part, the agency of that model gets 30% commission from the client. This is how modeling agencies make business. They earn only when their in-house models gets to be casted. That’s why they need to pool lot of models or applicants & keep a VTR & photo of those models in their file. The more models, the greater chance for the agency to get commissions.

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      May bayad ba mag apply as Model? I was told by a Talent Scout to enroll my child on their workshop.

The author of this blog is not a talent agent. This page is not run by any talent agency. Basahin po ang blog para sa kumpletong kaalaman kung pano isali ang anak ninyo. Author will hold comments for review and will reply via email.

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