May bayad ba mag apply as Model? I was told by a Talent Scout to enroll my child on their workshop.

May bayad ba mag apply as model?

There are Agencies who charge the cost of making the set cards (photo portfolio) to their talents. Some agencies ask for the talent’s own set card. Most agencies, including the most popular, established and respected, do not ask for any fee whatsoever. 

My POV, why pay when there are dozens and dozens of other agencies that are more professional, efficient and friendly and doesn’t charge their model a cent? 

I was told by a talent scout that my child should undergo a workshop under their agency.

Some modeling agencies offer workshops for their talents. This is with fee. Again, ask your kid if he/she is interested, don’t force it on them. Modeling workshop, like other summer activities like sports or theater can greatly improve a child’s talent.  Just make sure that the class is handled by an instructor with good background in acting and theater and a good workshop scope so your kid can benefit from it for his future. As of now, there is still a greater number of kids who appeared on TVCs who didn’t take any workshop than those who did. Besides, the talent will be given a workshop by the production agency the day before the commercial shooting. What we’re discussing here however, is workshop to improve a kid’s talent so he can be chosen for the project, not when he is already chosen.

Workshops does not guarantee that your child will get the part. It also doesn’t come cheap. It covers production cost (for after-training show or event), utilities, training fee, publicity fee, etc. My advice to first time stage parents is to give your child a feel of what this industry is. Do not commit to a workshop yet.Get any agency that does not offer workshop and no exclusivity. Your kid will still experience getting VTRd, attend go-sees and all. Practice makes perfect. Don’t expect that you’ll get the gold on your 1st, 2nd, even 3rd casting. Try coaching him yourself.

I’m a kuripot Mom so if you want my kuripot advice, do the workshop at home yourself.  Record TVCs of kids and make your kid watch that and act the same on your own videocam and watch it together. Notice flaws, improve expressions and acting. I notice kasi na pare-pareho nalang ang pinagagawa sa kids on VTRs. Saying their name and age loudly for the camera, looking to the left (side view), and to the cam and smile, then to the right…Diff facial expressions, pretend drinking or eating and say “ummm,yummy” or sing and dance holding the product. This DIY workshop however, can not be compared to the expertise of a real workshop trainer and professionalism of those who are in the industry for many years.

After several VTRs and you think your good looking, talented son or daughter still has something that’s needed to work on which is beyond your coaching skills, then that’s the time to sign them up with an agency that offers workshop. Just make sure that the workshop is conducted by a credible acting coach or experienced production crew member. Remember, to say that your child is talented enough or not is one thing only you can tell. Not some agent who judge them on a low scale just so they can make money. To workshop or not to workshop? It’s your call.

Some agencies hold their own fashion shows and events. This is to give their own talent pool their needed exposure since the reality is, chance in getting your kid picked for a product endorsement on the national media is very slim. Producing an event costs a lot so this is where your workshop fee goes. To know if the fee yo are charged is too much, make your own research. Inquire workshop fees of real acting and modeling classes and compare. View this directory I made for Smart Parenting (note: 2015 directory is on it’s way)
Acting and stage:

Personality development and modeling:

Am I being scammed?

Model wannabes even stage parents fall prey to scammers who asks for fee. So how can you tell if they are for real?

-get their calling card or proof (ID) that they are connected with an agency or TV network. Do not commit on the spot, don’t even give them your details or your child’s. Just say you’ll call them.

-verify with DTI or TV station if the agency or person claiming to be connected with the network is legitimate. 

-fees (if any) will be discussed in their office, not in any venue, by phone/text or remittance.

-fees should cover workshop (if offered) or production of portfolio (setcards). It is your option should you want to undergo workshop, agree with their choice of photo studio or entirely choose a different agency.

-If you sense anything fishy, report it to the agency, TV station or police.

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6 thoughts on “May bayad ba mag apply as Model? I was told by a Talent Scout to enroll my child on their workshop.

  1. Good day! I’d like to know, about the DOLE permit for the kids because I did not realize how important it is when we are processing the papers and I’m a newbie. So we processed the DOLE permit together with the agency, but the thing is, pagkarelease niya hindi ko alam kung sino ba nag dapat humawak ng DOLE permit. I should have asked straight from DOLE that time. Pero eto na expected is parents ang hahawak. The agency told us na dapat sila ang may hawak ng Original na DOLE permit since sa kanila naka contract ang child. Some moms are telling na dapat parent ang may hawak. Because they also have their child’s DOLE permit. So I’m asking since you have experience on this, sino ba talaga ang dapat na may hawak nag DOLE permit? Please help. Confused here.

  2. hi mommy jazz! I know youve shown the list of Agencies arount the mtero but can you give us an updated list especially of the ones you’ve already been to (yung with really nice agents/people). Thanks in advance and more power!

    • Yes. I just added 25 more agencies in Metro Manila. I apologize that I can not guarantee if they are friendly. I have been handled by a few nice talent scouts but they keep changing agencies until I lose track of them. To differentiate a friendly agency for the workshop fee from the genuinely friendly, is for you to personally find out.

  3. Good day po sa lahat,need ko po ng advice and opinion na rin.

    Galing po kami sa mossimo kids casting call nong june 22, kinabukasan may nagtxt sa aking agency.
    Ito po ang sabi:
    Fwd: Asia New Starmodel Contest-The Faces of Philippines! Now open for Screening. Join Now & Be the very first StarModel to represent Philippines. Open to all Fashionable Male & Female Kids (4-12y) , Teens (13-19 yrs), Mr. & Ms. (20-28 yrs). Exciting Prizes awaits the winners.

    Screening & Registration schedule:
    June 28 Sat @ 1p to 5pm @ Starhorizon Makati ofc. 1st flr TPA BLDG 7496 Bagtikan St. san antonio village makati.

    Visit for map & directions

    -Bring 3R size picture, ballpen
    -Come in best look, fashionable attire
    -Must know how to do fashion ramp
    -Regstratn & Photoshoot fee: P 750 Inclusive of photo layout for online posting & Asia’s Starmodel Shirt.

    You can visit our fb page at to see the first batch candidates. Grandfinals will be at SM Mall this August 2014.

    Pls text ATTEND ASIA, NAME/AGE and send back to
    09175483397 or 09178534923

    Ang tanong ko lng po, medyo may kalakihan po kc ang hinihingi na fee at hindi pinaliwanag kung ano ang mga included at kung bakit kailngan.

    Need ko po n advice kung pupunta kami, first tome lang po namin sa mossimo kaya wala po ako masyado alam sa ganito.

    Need ko po ngadvice salamat po.

    • Star Horizon is a well known agency which, like other established agencies, has produced many successful kid talents. Unlike other agencies, Horizon produces their own class, workshops and shows to give exposure to their own talents. These are with fees talaga kasi it goes to the production of their projects. Yung pinost mo looks like a contest. If you think your child is competitive and confident enough and that he/she needs the experience, then join. If not, wait ka muna until the child matures and develops more confidence at wait hanggang siya mismo ang magsabi na gusto niyang sumali. It’s not right na tayong mga magulang ang magdedecide para sa kanila on this matter.

      Your kid need not join a modeling class or a workshop to be a talent. Maraming agency who just accept any kid talent at no cost basta they find the child at least telegenic. Workshops with fee has its advantages but still, hindi ito guarantee.

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