What’s a Final Casting?

Still, kahit wala pang break ang daughter ko, somehow she benefits from the workshop the director gives on final casting. Final Casting is when the caster already selected a handful of talents they VTRd and will present to the client.

On final casting they let the selected kid models play together muna and get comfortable with the setting. Tapos pina-practice ang acting or pag-sunod niya sa instructions before the shoot. After the final casting, the client will pick the kid for the part. Wait ka ulit 2 working days for the call if you made it. At dun ako na-frustrate because we lost the part to a tisoy. This started my Stage Mom blog. But in the end, happy ako kasi ang dami ring palang Stage Mom Smarties na katulad ko, feeling ko support group. And I also got a lot of inquiries & emails from Stage Mom wannabes, veterans and still-hanging (like me).

In December 2005, just a month after I first wrote this blog, my daughter J got her break as the Gain Plus Girl. More about this on“The Gain Plus Project” blog.

Gainplus30sec gainedit

My daughter’s career had its ups and downs since this blog. She got her share of rejections too, many times. So far she has modeled for:

Smart Parenting Magazine, Working Mom Magazine, Disney’s Princess Magazine, my stagemom story and her career featured in Money Sense Magazine, modeled for Cinderella Kids, Oshkosh bGosh, Ginger Snaps for WMM, Jockey nightwear US release, Eastwood City and SM Department Store.


This blog was written November 11, 2005 for the Smart Parenting e-group and posted at partypalamuti.multiply.com with url http://partypalamuti.multiply.com/journal/item/1. Last edited: March 4, 2014. 

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The author of this blog is not a talent agent. This page is not run by any talent agency. Basahin po ang blog para sa kumpletong kaalaman kung pano isali ang anak ninyo. Author will hold comments for review and will reply via email.

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