Exclusive or Freelance Model?

Exclusive or freelance model?

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Some agencies will let you sign a contract of exclusivity meaning, you are not allowed to be represented by other agencies. They will be your only agent til the expiration of your contract,

you can not do freelance with other agencies. Signing exclusively to 1 agency can make you lose opportunities with other agencies but, you can be prioritized should there be projects from clients exclusive to your agency. So before you ink your name on the contract, make sure that the agency staff are friendly, professional, has a good standing in the modeling agency business and good feedback from other talents. Otherwise, you’re stuck with them. If the contract is short, say 6 months, it’s worth the try. If you like them, then you can renew your contract. Freelance models has its perks too. Note that exclusivity doesn’t guarantee projects. The least the agent can do is to get their talent into as many castings and opportunites as they can.

I want my child to be a freelance model and signed with several agencies. Now I got a call from 2 agencies for the same project. Which agency should I sign under?

Once you get to the VTR location your agent told you, you will sign your talent’s name, age, info and agent’s name on a provided sheet. The talent’s name will be called according to the number on the list. Problem sets in when you have more than 1 agent who called you for the same VTR, so under who’s name will you sign-in now? What I do is to commit to the 1st one who informed me of the VTR. To other agents who text me the same, I professionally reply that I already committed to another agent who texted earlier. It may build ‘tampo’ but it’s better that way and better for them to know that you’re already ‘taken’ than to find yourself in a situation on a VTR day in between 2 agents. I remained with 1 agency although I didn’t sign any exclusivity with them. I just keep myself updated with other stagemom friends of any raket or projects my agent is not connected with. I will then get in touch with their agent only for that project. This way, I get more opportunities for my child without offending my own agent.

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