How to get your Kid into Commercial Modeling

mffHello Stage Parents! I am Mommy Jazz, I put up this site to give my insights as a parent of a child model. You will find great deal of tips on how to get your child into commercial modeling in the Philippines. Please note that I am not a talent scout, I don’t have any connection with any advertising company, any agency or inside connection with anyone in this industry. I hope this blog can help you get your kid into commercial modeling YOURSELF not through me. I am just a Stage Mother who would like to share my own insights on commercial modeling. With my workload as a freelance writer and a fulltime mom, I can not grant request to view online albums or links to images to see if their child is fit to model. If you think your child is and has the will, please sign up under an agency. The agent acts as the “middle man” between the model and casting opportunities. A list of Modeling agencies and Talent Management offices can be found in this blog.

A concise article I wrote on stage parenting can be viewed at this link. It states 5 questions you need to ask yourself before getting your kid into modeling.

Now let’s go directly to the big question:

How can I make my kid a Commercial Model?

First of all, ask your child if he/she wants to be one. Let’s face it, we’re all frustrated models in our younger days so we want to achieve the same dream for our little ones. Let’s not get too pushy or worse, get angry if he refuse to cooperate, can’t get her act together on cam or doesn’t get chosen. If all’s well, get an Agent. Your agent will be the person to open opportunities for you and your child. He will update you of casting and go-sees as requested to them by their clients and advertising agencies. 

It is very important that your child has a good set of teeth or at least the front teeth. If there’s a need for improvement here, better build a good relationship between the child and his/her pedia dentist. Otherwise, wait for the permanent teeth to grow. Remember, on product VTRs (or commonly known as “audition for TV commercial”) your child will be like competing with other kids for the role. Those with better teeth have better chance. This is why modeling/talent agencies only take talents with good set of teeth. I remember once, a son of a well known celebrity did a VTR for a fastfood but didn’t make it inspite of his popular surname. The casting crew got dismayed when he smiled for the camera.

How can I get in touch with Agencies?

Below are tel nos of Casting Agencies in Makati. I personally do not like to recommend any agency. I’m happy with my agent but some people I know aren’t. There are also some agencies I wouldn’t recommend but I’ve met talents of that agency who are OK with them. If there’s a perfect agency out there, please let me know. I haven’t completed details of agencies below and found only few with email addresses. Before you take your child to their office,  Call them first to know schedule of VTRs for kids. Some agencies have certain scheduled days for kid applicants, usually Saturdays. Special thanks to nadinecamille_candy for agencies I added.

Call any agency and say you want your child to be their talent or you want to get your child into modeling and ask them their schedule and requirements. No need to feel shy or beat around the bushes. Talent agency people get these kind of calls everyday.

Below is a partial listing of modeling agencies in Metro Manila. Please check this website for updates. Complete contact details below this list. Last updated: March 4, 2014

Ahensiya Modelo
Artiste Retinue – Manila Inc. (ARM) Casting Specialists
Baying Promotions
Beau Visage
CalCarrie’s International Models Philippines
Chase Productions International
Cosmopolitan Promotion and Casting Agency

Discovery Modelling Agency
Élan Models International
Eyecandy Model Management
Faces Model Agency
Framefillers Talent Agnecy and Promotions Inc.
Global Media Modeling and Talent Agency
Icon International Modeling Agency Incorporated

Ideal People Model Management
Imaj Model
Independent Talent Entertainment Management (ITEM) Corporation
Kaleidos Modeling Agency
Ledesma Promotions
Modelli Talent Agency
Modelo Pilipinas Casting and Training Center
Model Shop Casting Studio
Modify Modeling Agency And Talent Management
Monaco Models And Casting Agency
Pas Paragon Talent Management
Profiles in Motion Talent Promotion

Reco Modeling Agency
Saikou Talent Agency
Snapshots Talent & Modelling Agency
Star Horizon Talent Management & Productions

Upstyle Agency Inc.
Victo Rio Modeling Agency
W Talent Management / Wonderkids

Agencies at Visayas Region. Please note that I am not connected nor have verified any of these agencies. I was also told that not many of them accept child talents. 

Aura Modeling Firm
Avalanche Elegant Modeling Production And Services
B & B Modeling Management
Blackout Modeling Agency
Cebu_sc Modeling Management
Cebu Signature Models
Cord Models And Talents (cebu)
D’ Clab Events And Modeling Agency
Dark World Modeling Agency
JHK Modeling Agency
Limelight Model Management – Cebu
Limerick Production And Model Management
Sparkle Modeling Agency Cebu
The Ajency Promo And Events Modeling Agency

Click image below to view contact details
watermark1    watermark2modelingagencyvisayasinversidedwatermarked

Most of the agencies mentioned are in Makati. If there’s an agency close to your area, they will still send you to Makati for product VTRs since most Casters, Production and Advertising agencies are in Makati. If you want to send your child’s picture by email, call the agency first should they have any requirement you need to comply with. If the agency on this list doesn’t have an email, call and ask. I heard that the Talent Agents Organization requires all agencies to have email addresses. I just don’t have a complete list of that yet.

May bayad ba mag apply as model?

There are Agencies who charge the cost of making the set cards (photo portfolio) to their talents. Some agencies ask for the talent’s own set card. Most agencies, including the most popular, established and respected, do not ask for any fee whatsoever. My POV, why pay when there are dozens and dozens of other agencies that are more professional, efficient and friendly and doesn’t charge their model a cent? Other agencies offer workshop for a fee. Please read on.

I was told by a talent scout that my child should undergo a workshop under their agency.

Some modeling agencies offer workshops for their talents. This is with fee. Again, ask your kid if he/she is interested, don’t force it on them. Modeling workshop, like other summer activities like sports or theater can greatly improve a child’s talent.  Just make sure that the class is handled by an instructor with good background in acting and theater and a good workshop scope so your kid can benefit from it for his future. As of now, there is still a greater number of kids who appeared on TVCs who didn’t take any workshop than those who did. Besides, the talent will be given a workshop by the production agency the day before the commercial shooting. What we’re discussing here however, is workshop to improve a kid’s talent so he can be chosen for the project, not when he is already chosen.

Workshops does not guarantee that your child will get the part. It also doesn’t come cheap. My advice to first time stage parents is to give your child a feel of what this industry is. Do not commit to a workshop yet.Get any agency that does not offer workshop and no exclusivity. Your kid will still experience getting VTRd, attend go-sees and all. Practice makes perfect. Don’t expect that you’ll get the gold on your 1st, 2nd, even 3rd casting. Try coaching him yourself.

I’m a kuripot Mom so if you want my kuripot advice, do the workshop at home yourself.  Record TVCs of kids and make your kid watch that and act the same on your own videocam and watch it together. Notice flaws, improve expressions and acting. I notice kasi na pare-pareho nalang ang pinagagawa sa kids on VTRs. Saying their name and age loudly for the camera, looking to the left (side view), and to the cam and smile, then to the right…Diff facial expressions, pretend drinking or eating and say “ummm,yummy” or sing and dance holding the product. This DIY workshop however, can not be compared to the expertise and professionalism of those who are in the industry for many years.

After several VTRs and you think your good looking, talented son or daughter still has something that’s needed to work on which is beyond your coaching skills, then that’s the time to sign them up with an agency that offers workshop. Remember, to say that your child is talented enough or not is one thing only you can tell. Not some agent who judge them on a low scale just so they can make money. To workshop or not to workshop? It’s your call.

How does this business work if they don’t charge their talents? 

Modeling agencies are sent a request by a caster or advertising agency on the kind of models they need for a project. The Modeling agencies will then send all their models who fit the description on the request. Now, who ever gets the part, the agency of that model gets 30% commission from the client. This is how modeling agencies make business. They earn only when their in-house models gets to be casted. That’s why they need to pool lot of models or applicants & keep a VTR & photo of those models in their file. The more models, the greater chance for the agency to get commissions.

What do you do on VTRs?

For applicants, you come in on a scheduled day (although most agencies accepts walk-in anytime). You will fill up an info sheet, they will take a video of you standing and talking about yourself a bit (name, age, hobbies), they’ll take your picture whole body, 1/2 body and close-up. This they will keep for their file and make a ‘set card’ which they will present to other agencies or clients. If an ad agency or caster is in need of a character with your looks, the modeling agency will call you up for a casting along with other qualified models. A schedule and place will be given for this “audition” and there, they will again take a video of you, sometimes, with a script. You will find yourself in competition with other models to get that part. Mas matagal ang casting call kasi parang audition yon eh. dami niyong nakapila, all from different modeling agencies.

Can babies be models too?


Babies can model too. You can tell by the number of baby products advertised on TV and print. Baby talents however, are not as highly in demand as child talents so don’t feel bad if your baby doesn’t get casted. It could only mean there aren’t many projects needing them. Portfolios need to be updated with your agent every 6 months because they grow and change looks fast.

On product VTRs, they’ll video them with training cup, in diapers, in specific clothes, whatever the script requires. In most cases for kids, there will be a dialogue like “Wow Mommy, ang sarap!, or “Mommy, wala bang fried chicken?” .For babies, usually they just make them sit and see how they react with bubbles or with each other. The producttby the way, is not revealed during the VTR phase.

The caster needs a few days to review the videos of the audition to select their models and they call only the chosen talents. It will not be professional if you keep calling your agent, more so if you get directly in touch with the caster to ask if your child got picked. This is the frustrating part, the anticipation. I call this the “Don’t call us, we’ll call you” part. So when you get a call, good for you. If not, there’s always next time.

Who else can be a model?

Any age and looks can be a model. You see print and tv ads w/ lola, maid, construction worker, fat people, kids, etc. Minsan nga, like Mommy Jesica said, sabay ang casting call ng kids and Moms kaya pati ang Mommy na chaperone lang navi-VTR din. Yung email nga sa akin ni Mommy Jesica, nauna pa siyang nagka break sa anak niya hihihi. Jesica by the way is Ella’s Mom. Ella’s a GMA talent who played the young Nadine Samonte on Super Twins and the young Angel Locsin on Majica. She’ll also play the young Marimar. I’d recommend Moms to be presentable when taking their kids to VTRs because sometimes, there’s a need for Mommy talents as well. You could just be “it”.

Exclusive or freelance model?

Some agencies will let you sign a contract of exclusivity meaning, you are not allowed to be represented by other agencies. They will be your only agent til the expiration of your contract, you can not do freelance with other agencies. Signing exclusively to 1 agency can make you lose opportunities with other agencies but, you can be prioritized should there be projects from clients exclusive to your agency. So before you ink your name on the contract, make sure that the agency staff are friendly, professional, has a good standing in the modeling agency business and good feedback from other talents. Otherwise, you’re stuck with them. If the contract is short, say 6 months, it’s worth the try. If you like them, then you can renew your contract. Freelance models has its perks too. Note that exclusivity doesn’t guarantee projects. The least the agent can do is to get their talent into as many castings and opportunites as they can.

I want my child to be a freelance model and signed with several agencies. Now I got a call from 2 agencies for the same project. Which agency should I sign under?

Once you get to the VTR location your agent told you, you will sign your talent’s name, age, info and agent’s name on a provided sheet. The talent’s name will be called according to the number on the list. Problem sets in when you have more than 1 agent who called you for the same VTR, so under who’s name will you sign-in now? What I do is to commit to the 1st one who informed me of the VTR. To other agents who text me the same, I professionally reply that I already committed to another agent who texted earlier. It may build ‘tampo’ but it’s better that way and better for them to know that you’re already ‘taken’ than to find yourself in a situation on a VTR day in between 2 agents. I remained with 1 agency although I didn’t sign any exclusivity with them. I just keep myself updated with other stagemom friends of any raket or projects my agent is not connected with. I will then get in touch with their agent only for that project. This way, I get more opportunities for my child without offending my own agent.

We auditioned so many times, they don’t pick my kid

Same here. Eto yung nakakainis na part. Because if you don’t get a call for final casting in a week or two, it means your kid didn’t get the part. Try again next time. It’s not your agent’s fault. The most they can do is to inform you of as many opportunities/casting calls there are. In VTRs, I see children more articulate, more bibo, more goodlooking and some are even kids of known celebrities. Nakakapanliit specially if you are just starting. But also in many VTR experience when I get a call for final casting for my daughter, hindi namin kasama sa final yung mga batang kinaiinggitan ko. It only means that everyone’s chance is the same as yours.

It is the Caster, Director and Ad Agency’s client who picks the model. They have the “eye” for the talent they are looking for. They also know the role and characters of the cast they need, which is not known even to the talent agency kasi confidential yun. The Caster can only tell Modeling Agencies to send kids of a certain age with certain looks. Pero yung script and role, sila lang po nakakaalam nun.

No matter how good looking and talented your child is, when it comes to VTRs, specially at a final casting, they should fit the script, character, looks (pairing with Mom and Dad and brod and sis models, kung meron) and the product that only the Caster and the Director can judge. This is beyond my child’s talent kaya at this point, I pray that they pick my daughter. If they don’t, I just tell her that she did well and they are looking for a girl with different looks.

“Palakasan” is an over-used word. I tried it many times, it didn’t work for me. I also got over agents who assures me na malakas at kilala nila yung Director, etc, but then, who doesn’t? In this industry, everyone knows everybody and it’s vital that that they have good working relations. It’s hard to say who’s preferred and who doesn’t get a chance. A lot of Stagemoms in modeling and local stagemom forums can share their stories of how their kid got a break the 1st time they tried VTRs. They don’t even have any idea how the business works when they started but it was their call. Who’s to say may palakasan nga? Let us all be professional stage parents and handle rejection in a cool, understanding manner.

It’s tiring and most of the time, frustrating to go to auditions. Being a stage parent is not a walk in the park. For those who are working, they have to go on leave or half-day if there’s a scheduled VTR for their child. That’s a day’s pay sacrificed in exchange for a chance for your child to be a model. Sometimes you get a text for VTR 2x,3x/week. It’s tough if you live far from Makati, but for those excited and proud parents, no mountain is too high. Remember, it all starts at 1 small step and all models start this way.

The VTR place is too crowded and uncomfortable. Our turn will take forever!

Mahirap ang casting call for kids. Kasi mainipin sila. It would be best if you come earlier than the call time para kayo ang una sa list. What I do if we’ll be late, pag malapit na kami sa VTR place, I call my agent to sign us in para by the time we’re there, malapit na kaming tawagin. Some agent representatives are present on VTRs to assist their talents. I also bring toys to keep my kid busy while waiting for our turn. And please, kung pwede, kayong 2 lang ng anak mo ang pumunta sa casting call. I’ve seen so many times na 1 lang yung kid model at kasama ang buong pamilya, complete with ate,kuya, yaya at Lola! Please lang, ang hirap nang makisiksik sa ofc ng agency pag maraming bata (parang day care) mas madami pa ang matatanda, eh maliit lang ang VTR room. Ask Mommies Jesica & Jhen, we have been to the same audition for a diaper commercial at San Antonio Village, Makati, wala ka nang magalawan sa loob ng ofc at hindi na kaya ng aircon ang dami ng tao. I know it gets the whole family excited when you get that call from your agent for a product VTR. Pero please naman, wala pang contratang pag-aartistang naghihintay sa inyo, audition pa lang po ito. OK? Kami ni Hubby, we don’t tell our folks when our daughter has VTR. Kasi baka hindi siya ang mapili, madisappoint lang ang buong pamilya.

These days, it’s a common scene that there’s a thick crowd of child talents and their parents lining up for a VTR and the agency office can not control the crowd anymore. At times, there is no ventilation and airflow, the line is long with no place to sit, the kids get hungry, the crowd gets rowdy and it gets worse by the minute. Let us not overlook the safety, health and well being of our children in exchange for a slim chance to be on TV. Should this happen to you, consider these 2 options:

1) Leave the place muna. Have snack, watch a movie and come back on the last hour of the scheduled VTR. So far hindi pa naman po ako nakarining nang case na pinagsarahan na sila ng casting office. Not until they VTRd the last child in line.
2) Go home and text your agent that you backed out so she can get in touch with you if there is any extension.

Is there an easier way for my kid to get exposure?

If you have direct contacts with Ad Agencies, Marketing Executive of a product firm, Halleluiah! Please introduce the rest of us. Not only will you get priority in getting the part, you get to take home 100% of the talent fee (no agent cut). You can also join baby photo contests. Ang gusto lang naman talaga nating parents is makita sa isang nationwide circular ang picture ng babies natin di ba? Seach website of dailies and magazines on any ongoing contests. Mommy/Parenting magazines hold a monthly feature of selected entries, grab a copy to get the mechanics or login to their website.

Some local magazines are in constant search for models to depict their articles. Some give a little pay once the issue is out while some give tokens as gratuity like gift pack or GC. Contact numbers of magazines are listed and searchable on the net. Do get in touch with any Editorial staff and ask they are currently accepting kid models for pooling and what their requirements are. Some would require you to email a setcard of the child.

I suggest that you limit your pictures to 100KB max so you won’t clog the editor’s inbox and send it only once. Imagine how annoying it will be if you send it over and over. That wouldn’t earn your child a good impression besides, it’s not a contest.
write “for model pooling” as subject, send and cross your fingers. They reply only to successful candidates.

Personal notes from Mommy Jazz:

Still, kahit wala pang break ang daughter ko, somehow she benefits from the workshop the director gives on final casting. On final casting they let the selected kid models play together muna and get comfortable with the setting. Tapos pina-practice ang acting or pag-sunod niya sa instructions before the shoot. After the final casting, the client will pick the kid for the part. Wait ka ulit 2 working days for the call if you made it. At dun ako na-frustrate because we lost the part to a tisoy. This started my Stage Mom blog. But in the end, happy ako kasi ang dami ring palang Stage Mom Smarties na katulad ko, feeling ko support group hihihi. And I also got a lot of inquiries & emails from Stage Mom wannabes, veterans and still-hanging (like me).

In December 2005, just a month after I first wrote this blog, my daughter J got her break as the Gain Plus Girl. More about this on“The Gain Plus Project” blog.

Gain Taping 3 Gainplus30sec gainedit

My daughter’s career had its ups and downs since this blog. She got her share of rejections too, many times. So far she has modeled for:

Smart Parenting Magazine, Working Mom Magazine, Disney’s Princess Magazine, my stagemom story and her career featured in Money Sense Magazine, modeled for Cinderella Kids, Oshkosh bGosh, Ginger Snaps for WMM, Jockey nightwear US release, Eastwood City and SM Department Store.


This blog was written November 11, 2005 for the Smart Parenting e-group and posted at with url Last edited: March 4, 2014. 

76 thoughts on “How to get your Kid into Commercial Modeling

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  2. Hi amazing blog! I am a freelance model and am so thankful for all these numbers to call! Anyways, i called an agency only to be quite rudely yelled at. She said she does not entertain on sunday. Well its sunday and i was quite overcomed by her voice. Should i just call these agencys on Monday? And if u could, could you tell me which of these numbers are still active? Thank you so much and goodluck :)

  3. Agencies are open only on weekdays, office hours. Being yelled at can give you an idea how people are in that office. Are these the kind of people you want to manage your career? Ditch it and try another. Sorry I don’t have to time to check which numbers I posted are active. Goodluck to you too!

  4. I went to two of these VTR agencies listed. Do you think its better if I go to all the VTRs listed or should i just wait until these two agencies reply? Thank you so much for replying! Trust me your daughters gonna go far

  5. Wait for their text. Projects don’t come everyday so it may take time for them to get in touch with you. Signing with more than 2 agencies (even without exclusivity) may pause a problem in the future. You don’t want to be caught in between 2 (or more) agencies. More about this on the blog part “Which agency should I sign under?”

  6. Hi Ms. Jazz! thankful ako nabasa ko ang blog mo, may naencounter kmi na agency na gustong mag workshop sa knila ang anak ko and pinagbabayad kami ng 5k. cgro kung hindi ko nabasa ito napa OO na ako sa galing nilang magsalita. Thank You Jazz

  7. Hi Mommy Jazz! More than a year ago (when my son was just 7 months old) a certain agency signed us up–the staff said that there was a new rule (then) that talents should be represented by one agency because of a certain issue. So my baby and I signed up. Do you think the agency lied?

    Also, we had one casting call, but never heard about it again. I assume my child was not selected, or the commercial never pushed through (inabangan ko for months kung may new diaper commercial pero wala naman). Early this year, the agency kept on texting and calling me na magpa-VTR daw nang bago. My son is 2.5 years old now, and we live far from Makati. Do you think there are lots of projects for a 2-year-old (actually my son looks like he’s 3-4)? I’m asking because if there aren’t many projects for him, postpone ko muna ‘yung VTR since Makati is quite far–antay ko na lang pag dumating siya sa age na marami nang pissible projects.

    Thank you so much!

  8. Actually, there are more projects needing kid talents. My daughter (now a tween) doesn’t get as many opportunities unlike when she was still a toddler. I’m not aware of any new rule but since your agent kept calling you, that means they are managing your son well as their talent, being exclusive to an agent who doesn’t leave you out is fine.
    Problem po talaga if you live far from Makati and I covered this in my blog. It’s you call if you want to take every opportunity, take it at your convenience or not take it at all. You can up your chances but there’s no guarantee.

  9. @Diana, most agency accept baby talents. There’s no agency I know of that’s exclusive to babies alone. Do check my blog for agency list, most of those are in Makati.

  10. San ba ang agency na kailangan ang baby ? I really don’t where is that . I just want my child to be in it .

    • Hello, I already answered questions about agencies taking baby models. Please read my replies to comments and part of my blog “How can I get in touch with agencies” and “Can babies me models too?”

  11. gud day! mam/sir, gusto ko po sana ipavtr ang son ko,marumong po sya ng sing and dance at konting arte.nakasama po sya sa regional finalist ng SM little star south luzon.sana po magkaron po sya ng chance na maVTR.tnx po

  12. thank u for diz blog. i want my baby to a model but i dnt know where to start,but after reading diz it gves me hope…hope u can recommend my baby.ty & more power.

    • Sorry I can’t recommend any agency because I myself haven’t found one yet. I also do not have any influential connection with any advertising or modelling agency as I have explained on my introduction. Just go get any agent and see if they are friendly and helpful enough to get your kid to do a lot of VTRs. You can always change agent.

  13. hello .. sorry to bother pero active pba to. nag hhnap po ksi ako ng baby modlng agencie pra itry ng baby ko hihi .. mhlig ksi tlga sya ngumiti sa camera, :)

    • There is a part in my blog that covers baby modelling. It’s already explained there. There are agencies exclusive to ramp models but most agencies accept talent of all ages. Give them a call.

  14. To Yzah, rosalie fajader, michii and joan,
    Thank you for viewing my site and placing a comment. Your questions and intentions has already been covered in my blog. Agency list (all listed here accept any age), how-tos and how not to fall prey to rip-offs. I do not recommend any agency or have any inside connection with anyone as stated on the 1st paragraph of my blog. You are all blessed with cheerful and talented kids. No reason not to take the next step. I hope my blog can serve as a guide for you to give it a try yourself.

  15. HI,
    Anna Mae is my little angel now aged 9 yrrs old. We had her VTRd by a modeling agency somewhere in Amorsolo. After a week, an indie movie production called her up. She was cast and acted in the budget indie movei as the grandaughter of Anita Linda. However, up to this time, she doesn’t have a commercial break.

    • Product VTR opportunities come if there are projects calling for a kid talent. Not all projects -in-the-making are all kid or family oriented which explains why VTRs for kids does not come along often for your agent to call you. It is a good idea you got to connect with an indie film caster laying out more opportunities for your daughter. There should be a good relationship between you and your agent that should not prevent you from calling to ask if there are any VTRs or go-sees lined up. Give it a few months more to pass the lean season. If you feel you’re going nowhere with your agent, jump ship.

  16. Anna Mae has long silky hair and straight teeth and silky skin and balanced facial features Long straight legs too.People say she can be in a shampoos comemrcial for kids. Just sharing. Or can you help us get into Julia’s agency too? Thanks.

    • I myself haven’t found the perfect agency nor have any influential connection with any to make it easier for my friends to get into this industry. My daughter had 5 different agencies (not exclusive to any) and they all call me for the same project on a peak month (before Christmas when advertising production is at its busiest). It would be best to set sail yourself and test the waters yourself owing no one a favor. I tried recommending friends to my agents before and not all are happy. Likewise, there are some agency I don’t recommend but did well with some stage moms I know. If your agent isn’t working well enough for you, go change agent.

  17. saan p b pwdeng mag audition ang baby n 6m0nth?
    gusto q po sana i-audition ang baby q kht p c0mercial po,, gray black at br0wn p ung eyes ng baby girl q

  18. Auditions are not for everyone. You can not walk-in in a casting call. You need to have an agent. Please read my blog on “How can I get in touch with agencies?” and “Can babies be models too?”.

    • Twin baby talents are rare. I’m sure they will be much welcomed by any modeling agency. Please check my agency list and pick any agent. Better if you find one with an address close to your place though most of those are in Makati. Tip: If they sound friendly on the phone, most probably they are. I do not recommend any agency as I have explained on the intro of my blog. Good luck!

  19. Ask ko lang po pede ok po bang I audito. Ang baby KO 1yr old ?
    Pls check my fb ibthezam abrigo paki tgnan nlng po un Mga videos and
    Pics Ng baby ok and tx Nyo po Ako kung pede pong I audition 09468903050 thank you

    • Hello! Yes, babies and toddlers can be a commercial talent na. You just need to have their agency portfolio updated every 6 months kasi mabilis magbago ang features nila. You need to get an agent (see my blog list for agency contact nos) who will notify you of any casting for an advertising shoot needing a talent like your baby. Hindi pwedeng mag walk-in sa audition (called casting) for a commercial. You need an agent as the middleman.

  20. He’s very talented and smart and bibong bata name po Ng baby KO Keith harley RafoLs
    Tx Nyo po Ako kung pede na pong I audition po ang baby KO . Nag lalakad Na po sya
    . Maputi po ang baby KO mukang americano .

    • Good question! A lead role for a TVC (TV commercial) these days, if of a popular product produced by a popular advertising agency, goes for P150K. Higher for celebrities. 30% of that goes to your agent’s commission. A support role with no dialogue can go for P35K, higher if with dialogue. Extra is P10-12K. Remember, for a single lead role, a hundred will try and winning over the competition isn’t always about being the cutest or smartest.

      • Hi mommyjazz, this is a great info! My daughter was just invited by Ahensiya Modelo to have a VTR.. Did you remember me? I’m Renlyn from Visayas (Thanks for updating the list, but most of the agencies that you’ve added don’t accept baby models.) BTW, talking about the VTR, we’re really interested to go.. Can you please give me some advice on this??? This is gonna be our first time, I would appreciate it if you’ll give us some important tips. A million thanks!

      • Hello Renlyn! If you have other important things to do here in Metro Manila, then go. Just don’t make the VTR the primary reason of your travel or hope that the talent fee (if you are already promised of a project) will cover the trip. This is only a file or a product VTR, not a final casting or an assurance that your kid will be included in the project. Make a line up of several exposure opportunities for your daughter para hindi masayang ang trip ninyo. Check if there are any Indie film castings, set an appointment with other agencies, join contests, etc. Make the most of your trip. You can also tell your agent your urgency and date of your return para they themselves will find exposure opportunities for your daughter.
        Try the modeling industry for fun and the experience, not for money. Pag sikat na anak mo and offers keep coming, then that’s when you consider money matters like demanding an increase on her talent fee. For now, focus on the small steps.

      • Hi mommy Jazz, I’m back again. And this time, I wish I had your email add.. Cosmopolitan Talents invited my daughter to come for a VTR/Photo filing. But this year, they request talents for VTR to sign an exclusive contract with them for a minimum of 1 year. Then, they asked me if I am amenable with it. I really have no idea about this. What can they possibly offer with a one-year contract that other agency can’t? And…., is this better compared to not having one????… where you can just go from one agency to another and from one agent to another???? Please give me some insights on this… Thanks a lot and God bless!

      • Contract signing is already covered in my blog with title “Exclusive of Freelance Model?”. It mentions advantages and disadvantages of having 1 and more than 1 agents. Cosmopolitan is a popular agency with a long history (30 years) in the modeling business and had produced countless of top talents including showbiz personalities. Most likely (you may verify this with them) they have good clients exclusive to them and this is what they can offer other agencies can’t. I’m just not sure how friendly or professional their staff are and that counts when signing a contract. Try to know as well if they have affiliates in the Visayas region who can get in touch with you should there be a project in the Visayas.
        My email is

    • Hi mommy Jazz, thanks for the advice.. Right now, we’re just doing this for fun.. Financial matter is not really a concern.. We just want to expose our baby.. If she’ll get the part that’s an extra bonus.. Once again, thank you mommy Jazz..

  21. Hello po gusto ko sana mapasali anak.ko sa mga modela po.. hes 2 years old boy very smart and handsome po :)

    Bibbo diñ po sya

    Pwede pp ba? Sana po ok lanv po.. thanks

  22. Babies and kids of any age are accepted as talents as long as they look good on cam. Directable or know how to follow instructions is a plus. You may get in touch with any agency on the given list and they can schedule for you a VTR day.

  23. Hi Mommy Jazz! Ask ko lang kung madali ba makuha na model/cast? In your experience nakailang vtr’s kayo bago kayo nagkaron ng break? Tska usually ba maraming hindi natatanggap kahit na bibo at maganda? Thanks. :)

    • One word. HINDEEE!!! It took us a year of no-miss casting calls (VTRs and go-sees), a few “muntikan na” where in 2 nalang silang pinagpipilian for final casting, before we finally landed the part. Lucky us kasi lead role ang first gig niya, others would try for more than a year just to get a supporting role or extra. After the 1st big land, naging sunod-sunod na ang opportunies and one is not related to the next and from different agents. So iba-iba talaga ang kapalaran I tell you. I know of 1 acquaintance na 1st try pa lang nila nakuha agad yung baby niya for lead role sa cold medicine drops.
      Yes, being bibo at maganda/pogi helps. It’s often the requirement but not always. In most cases, there is already a “peg” (label) needed for a role. Ang trend ngayon is Pinoy, street smart looking. Medyo lumalayo na ang advertisers sa mga “tisoy” as there is more appreciation now for local image. Class A products would mostly require foreign-looking but Pinoy-middle class is more in demand. Minsan nga anak na ng artista or model hindi pa rin nakukuha.
      What’s most important is directable ang bata. Knows how to follow direction, act naturally. Yun lang. Kung para sa ‘yo, para sa ‘yo. You don’t have to try so hard.

  24. First of all I would like to say thank you very much mommy Jazz for this very informative blog. It enlightened me about the whole world of modelling. I am actually looking for agencies who can cast my five months old beautiful and happy baby. I am new to this whole thing and I from the Visayas. It’s too far from the capital, especially Makati. Many people convinced us to look for talent agencies because they thought my baby’s looks would be wasted without being known (I hope I didn’t sound too prideful, but indeed my baby is just so beautifully good-natured). By the way mommy Jazz, I would like to ask if the effort for doing this is worth it (money-wise)? Considering that I am from the Visayas and still has to travel to Manila to do the shoot if ever casted? Is the talent fee enough to cover the whole costs? Well, I am thinking that it depends upon the project and how big it is, but I really have no idea. Can you please give me some insights??? Thank you very much!

    • Let me put up a list of talent agencies in the Visayas area. Give me a little time for this OK? I’ll post it here once I’m done.
      To answer your question if it’s worth the cost, IT’S NOT. If it’s gonna cost you too much to give your kid this experience, then we look at it as an investment expecting a bigger return. This should not be the outlook. Enjoy taking chances,develop them into becoming good natured kids who can handle rejection and popularity, yun lang muna.

  25. Great and detailed blog! My brother is invited for a vtr by Cosmo. What is your opinion about this agency? They want him to sign 1 yr exclusivity contract thats why im asking. Pls pm me. Tnx!!

  26. Hi. I’m so glad I came across your blog. Informative, insightful, and really a help. I hope you don’t get tired answering questions na “gasgas” na like this one. My 14-month old baby girl was invited by an agency (EyeCandy) for a vtr filing. First time nya for this thing. Question is, should I bring anything? Ano isusuot ni baby? And is it okay kung 3 days after ng text nila kami pupunta? Wala nmn sinabing specific day/date. They just stated yung office hours nila. Please help me. Thank you.

    • Better call them on the day you intend to go, just to be sure that there’s someone in their office. Minsan kasi all staff are out on casting, shooting, assisting their talents or doing administrative work. For VTR filing, no need to bring anything. Let her wear something simple, no neon or sharp, bright colors. Hindi rin pwede accessories like big, long ribbons on hair ties. Make up is also discouraged pero I manage to get away with loose powder foundation and natural lip gloss. Not long after, tinamad na rin akong ayusan daughter ko for the cam, excitement lang ang nagtulak sa akin to make her more prettier. Casters do not really consider how enhanced they look.

  27. Gud day mommy jaz… when i found dis blog nag e mail agad ako sa isang agency n binigy m and were lucky dat the agency called us and pn vtr nya ung kid ko.. and we sign exclusive contract. At nkaka dalawang casting n kmi pero wala p rin suwerte… yesterday lng my call casting kami 5 lng silng boys lahat tisoy ung anak ko lng ung pinoy look… were still praying that he get the part pero kung hndi sabi nga try and try..

  28. good day jaz,,,lived in england but i am a filipina,my daugther shes nearly 5 but loves camera,she said she loves to be a model,,i just wondering if nxt time we are going to philippines for a holliday if i can take her or go to modelling agency any advise pls many thanks xxx

    • It would be best to send an email to the agencies (emails listed on my blog). Some agencies’ website already has an application page where you can upload your child’s photos. Do notify the agent of your length of stay in the Philippines (Manila) so they know when to contact you for file VTR at their office.

    • Sorry no. Most modeling agencies are located in Makati because that is where Advertising agencies are mostly located. These advertisers source their models from nearby agencies. Some agencies are in Quezon City and other parts of Metro Manila because of accessibility to TV stations and city events. It is rare that a project be produced outside of Metro Manila away from their office and sources. Shooting may be located in far towns and provinces but production and output is done in at the Advertising Agency’s office. This is why bihira magkaron ng modeling agency na malayo sa Manila because there is no need. Should you get an agent in your locality, papupuntahin din kayo sa Makati where Casters are. I have heard of modeling agencies in provinces but mostly just charge their talents for workshop and portfolio. When they send their talents to Manila for a VTR, they arrive by the jeeploads and that trip is shouldered by the parents of the child talents.
      You may try entering your child in talent searches in your area or get in touch with local publications if they need kid model to depict their articles. More on this on the end part of my blog “Is there an easier way for my kid to get exposure?”

      • hi mommy jazz i sent a picture sa phoenix management they reply nman pinag rereport kami.. ok ba ito phoenix ?

      • Not many agencies readily reply to inquiries and that’s a good point or me. Do try it and let us know by sharing your experience here. ;)

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